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Neum is the only Bosnian-Herzegovinian town on the sea, situated in the beautiful bay of Neum-Klek. Neum is 60 km away from Dubrovnik. It has a mild Mediterranean climate with long and hot summer and a short and mild winter. That is why it is a group of coastal cities with the largest number of sunny days of the year. The municipality of Neum (Bosnia and Herzegovina) has a surface area of ​​226 km2, with 5600 inhabitants, and in the very center of the city there are about 4000 villagers.

For those seeking a peaceful or active vacation, who want to enjoy the warm sea and the smells of the summer, Neum offers abundance. There are a large number of suites, rooms, hotels and various private accommodations for every taste and lilac. In the evening, we recommend a walk along the Neum beach, where you can enjoy the sunset and the rich offer of restaurants, cafés and other catering establishments. The nights are mostly warm, so those who like swimming can swim freely.

Accommodation rates are generally favorable, much more favorable than in other coastal towns. Apartments and rooms are available throughout the year. On all the beaches there is the possibility of renting sun loungers and sunshades so that in case you want shade, there is no poroble. Close to famous tourist destinations such as Dubrovnik (Croatia), Mostar and Međugorje make Neum a very attractive destination for foreign tourists. We want you to enjoy the sea, comfortable accommodation in Neum and look forward to your arrival.

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